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Valentine's Wallet And Projection Keychain Gift Set For Man


So you want to get your man that perfect gift this Valentine's Day, but you are at a loss for ideas? Have no fear! We have created the perfect gift set for your man. When it comes to Valentine's Day Gifts, men appreciate gifts that are useful and practical. However, there needs to be something extra special about the gift so they can see how much you love them.

This amazing Wallet, Keychain, Love Insert Card, and Multi-tool Set was created for the one you love. Timeless and classic, this set will remind your loved husband or boyfriend of your love every day.


The Projection Keychain:

This¬†Keychain uses nano-micro engraving technology to engrave ‚ÄėI Loved You Once, I Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will¬†in its love stone.

Your Man can view them by using his phone’s camera so the words are transferred on his phone screen.

And Cell Phone Flashlight to project the message on the wall.

This meaningful Keychain is sure to be treasured forever by your Husband or Boyfriend.

Gift Set Packing:

Impress any gift recipient with this classy gift box, complete with a matching ribbon with a bow and an attached loving tag note that says "To My Man, I Love You With All of My Heart"

This elegant box is sure to make your gift stand out at holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other gift-giving occasion.

The Wallet:

This minimalist slim wallet being 3/8 inches thick, sized 4.5" x 3.5" with a money clip has 10 card slots, spacious enough to meet your man's everyday needs! It is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills etc. The outside notch allows you to push out the cards easily.

The wallet is made of the finest vegan leather that is made to last. The hand-stitched finish increases its durability.

Wallet Insert Love Card :

Preserve the uniqueness of your relationship with a stainless-steel wallet insert card permanently etched love note.

The size of the wallet inserts card is 3.35 inches x 2.12 inches x 0.03 inches (credit card size), Made of stainless steel which is not easy to bend and fits perfectly in a wallet.

Multipurpose survival Pocket tool - 43 in 1 - credit card wallet size Multitool

Whether Your Man is into Do-it-yourselfer, carpentry, living on a boat, love the outdoors, work in construction, an avid camper, or simply need to open boxes or even pop open a can ‚Äď this slim multitool will function for a lifetime. One of the most unique products around. Designed to never bend or break in your hand.¬†He will never want to leave your house without it.

43 Features and Functions

¬∑¬†(3x)¬†ScrewDrivers ‚Äď Phillips / Flat Head ¬∑ Box Cutter ‚Äď Blades ‚Äď knives ¬∑ Bottles Opener ¬∑¬†(2x)¬†Rulers ( cm / inch ) ¬∑ Can Opener ¬∑ Mount for Smart Phones ¬∑ Cable Bender ¬∑ Wire Cutter / Peeler ¬∑ Letter Opener ¬∑ Pulls Nails out (Nail Puller) ¬∑ Eye Glasses Screw Driver ¬∑ M2 Hex Wrench ¬∑¬†(4x)¬†Open Hex Wrench (M3,M4,M5,M6) ¬∑¬†(4x)¬†Closed Hex Wrench (7/16, 3/8, 11/32, 5/16) ¬∑ M1.6 Hex Wrench ¬∑ Butterfly Wrench ¬∑¬†(4x)¬†Spoke Keys (.127, .130, .136, .156) ¬∑ 9/16" Hex Wrench ¬∑ Protractor ¬∑ 15mm Hex Wrench ¬∑ M2.5 Hex Wrench ¬∑¬†(8x)¬†Dividers (D1cm-12cm) ¬∑ Key Ring hole



This Lovely Gift Set makes a perfect gift for all occasions. It’ll make an exquisite gift for his Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversary, or any day.

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Package includes:

  • Gift Box with Bow and Tag¬†
  • Bifold Minimalist¬†Slim Style Wallet With Money Clip
  • Keychain with Projection Beed¬†
  • Wallet Love Insert Card
  • Wallet Multi-Tool¬†Insert


Product Specifications: 

  • Keychain Material & Size:¬†Titanium Steel, Vegan Carbon Fiber Leather¬†
  • Keychain Size: 3.5 x 1¬†Inch
  • Wallet¬†Material:¬†Vegan Carbon Fiber Leather, Stainless Steel Money Clip
  • Wallet Size¬†3/8 inches thick, sized 4.5" x 3.5"
  • Wallet Love Insert Card: Stainless Steel, Credit Card Size
  • Wallet Insert Multi-Tool:¬†Stainless Steel, Credit Card Size

¬†* The ūüíĶ cash¬†is not included in the package